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The Risk Analysis, Social Processes and Health group consists of 8 members of academic staff from lecturer to professor.

All members share an interest in understanding human decision making processes in relation to judgements about risk and health and safety issues. This involves applying theoretical models in applied settings (e.g. NHS Hospital staff; Private Sector industry, Patient groups) and conducting fundamental experimental work (e.g. gambling and priming tasks, implicit attitudes).

Of particular theoretical interest to this group is the role played by:

  1. Emotions (e.g. Damasio's somatic markers hypothesis, atributional accounts, appraisal tendencies hypothesis, attributional accounts, risk as feelings hypothesis).

  2. Contextual variables (e.g. cueing, priming).

  3. Individual differences (normal personality, abnormal personality, and health anxiety).

    For presentation, the groups' work is divided here in terms of its particular emphasis on Risk Analysis, Social Processes, or Health.


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