Harriet A Allen

Vision, Attention, Ageing Lab


School of Psychology

University of Nottingham


H.A.Allen at nottingham.ac.uk





I research the links between vision, attention and ageing. How does an instruction to attend to an item get translated into the visual system? How do changes in goals (for example, to do with food, or clinical state) change this?


IÕm particularly interested in what happens when we ignore things. If we try to look for our friend arriving at the station, we could enhance the representation of any new person arriving on the scene, we could suppress the representations of people and things already visible, or both.


You can read about my projects here.


I currently teach first year Biological Psychology and on the third year module Cognition in the Real World, as well as on the Psychology Research Methods MSc. If you are a student on these courses, you can get the course materials and ask course related questions on moodle.


Information about the Psychological Research Methods MSc is here.


We are always looking for participants to take part in our research. You can read more information about this on the Volunteer page.


If you want to find out about my career so far, look here


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