Tobias Bast, Recent and Selected Publications


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Bast T, Pezze M, McGarrity S (2017) Cognitive deficits caused by prefrontal cortical and hippocampal neural disinhibition Brit J Pharm 174: 32113225 (PDF) (Press release)

McGarrity S, Mason R, Fone KF, Pezze M, Bast, T (2017) Hippocampal neural disinhibition causes attentional and memory deficits. Cereb Cortex 27: 44474462 (PDF) (Press release)

Wang J, Bast T, Wang Y-C, Zhang W-N (2015) Hippocampus and two-way active-avoidance learning: contrasting effects of cytotoxic lesions and of temporary functional inactivation. Hippocampus 25: 1517-1531 (PDF)

Heath FC, Jurkus R, Bast T, Pezze M, Lee JLC, Voigt JP, Stevenson CW (2015) Dopamine D1-like receptors are required for contextual fear conditioning: role of dorsal hippocampus and basolateral amygdala. Psychopharmacology 232:2619-2629 (Open Access)

Pezze M, McGarrity S, Mason R, Fone K, Bast T (2014) Too little and too much: hypoactivation and disinhibition of medial prefrontal cortex cause attentional deficits. J Neurosci 34: 7931-7946 (Open Access) (Press release)

da Silva BM, Bast T, Morris RGM (2014) Spatial memory: behavioral determinants of persistence in the watermaze delayed matching-to-place task. Learn Mem 21: 28-36 (PDF) (Cover image)

Zhang W-N, Bast T, Xu Y, Feldon J (2014) Temporary inhibition of dorsal or ventral hippocampus by muscimol: distinct effects on measures of innate anxiety on the elevated plus maze, but similar disruption of contextual fear conditioning. Behav Brain Res 262: 47-56 (PDF)

Pezze M, Bast T (2012) Dopaminergic modulation of hippocampus-dependent learning: Blockade of hippocampal D1-class receptors during learning impairs 1-trial place memory at a 30-min retention delay. Neuropharmacology 63: 710-718 (PDF)

Bast T (2011) The hippocampal learning-behavior translation and the functional significance of hippocampal dysfunction in schizophrenia. Curr Opin Neurobiol 21: 492-501 (PDF)

Jackson SJ, Hussey R, Jansen MA, Merrifield GD, Marshall I, MacLullich A, Yau JLW, Bast T (2011) Manganese-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MEMRI) of rat brain after systemic administration of MnCl2: hippocampal signal enhancement without disruption of hippocampus-dependent behavior. Behav Brain Res 216:233-300 (PDF)

Bast T, Wilson IA, Witter MP, Morris RGM (2009) From rapid place learning to behavioral performance a key role for the intermediate hippocampus. PLoS Biol 7(4): e1000089. (PDF small, PDF large); see here for news release.

Bast T (2007) Toward an integrative perspective on hippocampal function - from the rapid encoding of experience to adaptive behavior. Rev Neurosci 18: 253-281 (PDF)

Bast T, Da Silva BM, Morris RGM (2005) Distinct contributions of hippocampal NMDA and AMPA receptors to encoding and retrieval of one-trial place memory. J Neurosci 25: 5845-5856 (PDF)

Peleg-Raibstein D, Pezze MA, Ferger B, Zhang W-N, Murphy CA, Feldon J, Bast T (2005) Activation of dopaminergic neurotransmission in the medial prefrontal cortex by NMDA stimulation of the ventral hippocampus in rats. Neuroscience 132: 219-232 (PDF)

Bast T, Feldon J (2003) Hippocampal modulation of sensorimotor processes. Prog Neurobiol 70: 319-345 (PDF)

Bast T, Zhang W-N, Feldon J (2003) Dorsal hippocampus and classical fear conditioning to tone and context in rats: the effects of local NMDA-receptor blockade and stimulation. Hippocampus 13: 657-675 (PDF)

Pezze MA, Bast T, Feldon J (2003) Significance of dopamine transmission in the rat medial prefrontal cortex for conditioned fear. Cereb Cortex 13: 371-380 (PDF)


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