Chapter 44 January exam

Information about the January exam can be found in the summative assessments overview in Chapter 3.

Please note that the ExamSys practice exam is now available. There are 30 questions overall (half the number of questions that are in the actual exam). If you would like to simulate the time constraints of the actual exam, you should give yourself 30 minutes to complete the practice exam.

You can repeat the practice exam as often as you would like to. If ExamSys tells you that “you will not be able to go back”, it is referring to your current attempt, not future attempts.

That said, it might be worth thinking about how often you can sensibly repeat the practice exam (where “sensibly” refers to whether or not the results are going to tell you anything about how your revision is going). You could just take a look at the questions initially (without answering them). This would give you an idea of the sort of questions that could come up (all the time keeping in mind that of course it won’t be exactly these questions…). When you actually take the quiz, you don’t want this to be too early (if you haven’t revised the material yet, your quiz performance will not tell you much about your revision), but also not too late (clearly, you want to have some time left to continue revising after doing the quiz). Other strategies are certainly possible. Which is perhaps a good opportunity to remind you of the article by Bjork et al. on learning effectively mentioned in the note-taking section of the Hitchhiker’s Guide.

You can download the slides with the example PsychoPy questions we showed in the lab class here.