Chapter 36 Summative PsychoPy assignment

From Wednesday, 30 November at 1pm onwards: The summative PsychoPy assignment instructions will become available in the Quizzes and Assignments section on Moodle.

There are two options for the deadline:

  • 12 December: Less time to complete the assignment, but feedback and mark before the exams.
  • 16 December: More time to complete the assignment, but feedback and mark after the exams.

Please vote for your preferred deadline on Moodle between Monday, 28 November, 1pm and Friday, 2 December, 3pm.


  • 12 December: 57 votes
  • 16 December: 224 votes

The deadline will therefore be on 16 December at 3pm.

If you have a support plan and would like to apply for an extension, please submit a coursework extension request form. If you do not have a support plan and need an extension, please submit an extenuating circumstances form. Please make sure to submit either of these before the deadline.

Submitting after the deadline without an extension will incur a penalty of 5% per day (i.e., a 5% reduction of the mark for submissions that are late up to one day, a 10% reduction for up to two days, etc.).

Feedback and marks will be released on Monday, 30 January.

36.1 Overall results

Please find below a plot of the overall results. The orange kernel density plot shows the smoothed shape of the distribution. Below it is a boxplot showing the location of the quartiles (Q1 = 54.5, Q2 = Md = 72, Q3 = 82). The grey dot on the boxplot represents the location of the mean (M = 67). On the dot plot below, each individual mark is represented by a single dot. The highest mark was 99.