Chapter 74 The summative lab report

Supporting materials for the summative lab report will be available in the “Quizzes and assignments” section on Moodle from Thursday, 30 March at 1pm. The deadline for submitting the lab report is Tuesday, 16 May at noon. The submission link on Moodle will be made available at least one week before the deadline.

Please do not underestimate the amount of work this will involve and start working on the lab report as early as possible! When you do, make sure to read the instructions closely!

Please note that you should start working on your summative lab report before receiving the formative lab report feedback (at the very least, you should search for relevant literature, do background reading and run the analyses; in addition, you might also want to write your Method and Results sections; ideally, you’ll also write initial drafts of your Introduction and Discussion sections). We will release the formative lab report feedback on 25 April at noon. This will give you three weeks to incorporate the feedback on your formative lab report.