E MS Teams

E.1 Create a group on Teams and add members

To create a team on Teams, go to the Teams overview where you can see all your teams. In the top right, you should see a button that says “Join or create team”:

Click on this button. Then, click on “Create team”:

Choose “Other” as a team type:

Next, enter a Team name. You can leave the description empty. Leave “Privacy” set to “private”. Click on “Next”.

Now, add the other members of the group. It is sufficient to start typing their names and Teams should auto-complete them. Be careful though to add the right person. Psychology logins typically start with “lpy”. However, some students may have transferred from other schools and their logins will not begin with “lpy”. If in doubt, send a chat message first.

You don’t have to press “Add” after every person, but can add everyone and press “Add” only once. Change the membership from “Member” to “Owner”, so everyone on the team has the same rights. Once you’ve added everyone and changed their membership type, click on “Close”.

That’s it. The new team should now appear in your Teams overview.

E.2 Scheduling a meeting for a team

In Teams, click on “Calendar”:

Click on the day and time when you want to schedule the meeting or click on “New meeting” and select a day and time.

At this point, you need to be a bit careful, because the next step is slightly counterintuitive. To schedule the meeting for the team, do not click on “Add required attendees”. Instead, click on “Add channel”, click on the team name and then on “General”.

Finally, click on “Send”.

E.3 Contacting Team members

To contact your Team members, you can simply click on “New conversation” to send a message to the “General” channel:

Depending on individual notification settings, it can be useful to tag a team by typing @ followed by the name of the team (Teams should autocomplete the name once you start typing) or the individual team member you are trying to reach.

E.4 Viewing names of Team members

To view the names of all team members, click on the three dots next to the name of the team (in this example, Athens):

and on “Manage Team”:

E.5 Notification settings

You might want to change how you are notified of new posts. To do this, go to the “General” channel and click on the three dots in the upper right corner:

Next, click on “Channel notifications”:

I would recommend to simply go for all “All activity”:

Alternatively, click on “Custom” to further specify your settings.