Chapter 28 Formative PsychoPy assignment

The instructions for the formative PsychoPy assignment will be available in the Quizzes and Assignments section on Moodle from Wednesday, 16 November at 1pm onwards. Please note that the instructions also explain how exactly the assignment needs to be submitted.

Please submit your experiment by Monday, 21 November at noon. We know that the deadline is tight, but a later deadline would not be possible as we would like to give you feedback before the summative PsychoPy assignment is released.28

This is a formative assignment that will not contribute to your overall mark. Formative assignments not submitted by the deadline incur no penalty. While formative, we would highly recommend that you complete the assignment. The next assignment will be the summative PsychoPy assignment. Successfully completing the formative assignment will help you to do well on the summative assignment: In previous years, we consistently found that students who submitted a formative PsychoPy assignment performed significantly better on the summative assignment compared to those students who did not submit a formative PsychoPy assignment.29

Please do submit your formative PsychoPy assignment even if it is not quite working or doesn’t run at all. This will give us a better idea of the issues you encountered when creating the experiment.

  1. Please note that we will provide you with feedback on issues commonly observed in the submitted experiments. Due to time constraints, it will not be possible to provide you with individual feedback (you will receive individual feedback on your summative PsychoPy assignment submission though).↩︎

  2. Note that this is a great example of self-selection though! Students were not randomly allocated to conditions, but decided themselves whether or not to complete the formative PsychoPy assignment. That said, we probably don’t need to run an experiment with random allocation to convince you that practising using PsychoPy will help when it comes to creating the summative PsychoPy experiment. In addition, about a quarter of the questions in the exam in January will be PsychoPy questions.↩︎