Chapter 9 Quiz 1

  • Available from: Wednesday, 12 October, 1pm in the “Quizzes and assignments” section on Moodle.
  • Deadline: Monday, 17 October, noon.
  • There will be 53 questions about Chapters 1-3 of Beth’s book.
  • All questions will be four-alternative multiple choice, with no penalty for incorrect answers.
  • The quiz is time-limited: Once started, you have 50 minutes to complete the quiz in one sitting (therefore, make sure to read the book chapters before attempting the quiz).
  • You have one attempt at the quiz and you will not be able to retake the quiz.
  • This is one of the three quizzes that together contribute 10% to your overall module mark (see Chapter 3).

Quiz FAQs

Q: Can I interrupt the quiz?

A: In theory, it should be possible to interrupt a quiz and return to it later. The Moodle help pages state: “If you answer a number of questions and then want to complete the quiz at a later time, click”Finish attempt”. When you return to continue the quiz, Moodle will remember which page you were on and allow you to continue from there, having saved your previous questions.”

In practice, students occasionally have had issues with returning to a quiz in the past, which is why we recommend to complete the quiz in one sitting (i.e., without interruption). Of course, you can still open other browser windows or tabs while working on the quiz.

If it turns out an interruption is unavoidable, follow the advice from the Moodle documentation and let us know if returning to the quiz did not work.

Q: Do I have to check if my answer was correct?

A: No. You can, but you do not have to check the accuracy of your answers (i.e., you can move on to the next question without checking the accuracy and your answer will still be saved). If you have questions about the quiz, please ask on the Moodle forum before starting the quiz. Upon completion of the quiz, you will be shown your overall quiz mark.

Q: How difficult will this quiz be and how should I prepare for it?

A: The main purpose of the quiz is to ensure that you have read the relevant book chapters and have understood the key concepts. To give you an idea of the difficulty, two years ago the average mark was 79%. Two students (out of 290) failed the quiz (i.e., had a mark below 40%). Another two had a mark between 40 and 50%. Eleven had a mark between 50 and 60%, and 37 a mark between 60 and 70%. Everybody else (so, around 240 students) had a mark above 70%. If you like to create an excerpt of the material you read, feel free to do so. While probably not strictly required for the quiz, taking notes now will likely help you when it comes to revising for the exam in January.